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Discover the Top Parks in Belleville

Belleville, a city nestled in natural beauty, boasts an array of parks that cater to every age group and interest. From family-friendly playgrounds to peaceful waterfront trails, these parks offer a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're looking for a scenic stroll, a place to play with your furry friend, or a delightful picnic spot, Belleville's parks have it all. Let's dive into our guide to the top parks in the city.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a true gem, offering something for everyone. The park's well-maintained beauty, diverse trails, and lush gardens make it a perfect spot for family outings. Kids will love the rope climber, slides, and the adjacent splash pad, while adults can enjoy peaceful walks along the waterfront trails. The park's picturesque setting and family-friendly amenities make it a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.

East Zwick's Centennial Park

East Zwick's Centennial Park stands out as one of Belleville's premier recreational spots. The park boasts a well-kept cement path, making it ideal for leisurely strolls. For dog owners, there's a spacious fenced dog park area where your furry companions can roam freely. With a playground for the kids and ample parking, this park is a paradise for both families and pet lovers.

West Zwick's Island Park

Nestled along the river bay, West Zwick's Island Park offers a serene atmosphere and an array of amenities. From a fantastic playground for the little ones to delicious food vendors during the summer, this park has it all. Its idyllic setting makes it a perfect spot for celebrations or simply unwinding amidst nature's beauty.

Jane Forrester Park

Jane Forrester Park is a nature lover's paradise within the city limits. The tranquil walking trails lead you through breathtaking landscapes featuring nesting swans and charming turtles along Memory Lane. The park's accessibility, pet-friendly areas, and picnic spots make it an ideal destination for a peaceful day outdoors.

Lions Park

Lions Park stands as a testament to the city's commitment to natural beauty. With its riverside paths and welcoming gazebo, the park offers an inviting atmosphere for relaxation. While there's no playground, it's a perfect spot for riverside walks, picnics, and even small weddings, all while enjoying the riverside breeze.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a playground paradise for both big and little kids. The lush green spaces and shade-providing trees set the stage for endless playtime adventures. Whether swinging on the swings or walking the dog along the trails, this park offers an array of activities for all to enjoy.

East Hill Park

East Hill Park offers unique climbing structures and shaded seating areas, making it a great spot for families. The park's thoughtful layout ensures that everyone can have their space, and the towering trees provide cooling shade. While unfenced, the park's set-back location ensures safety and peace of mind.

Pirate Ship Park

Pirate Ship Park lives up to its whimsical name, providing a beautiful playground for children of all ages. With a pirate ship centerpiece and a refreshing splash pad, this park promises endless hours of fun. The walking paths, picnic tables, and fully fenced areas make it a must-visit destination.

CN Monument at South Foster Park

CN Monument offers a quiet oasis for reflection and relaxation. The turtle pond and waterfowl create a peaceful ambiance, making it an excellent spot for meditation. As efforts to maintain the park continue, it serves as a reminder of the community's dedication to preserving natural beauty.

Corby Park

Corby Park is a timeless treasure offering delightful walks, picnics, and even event rentals. The Corby Rose Garden adds a touch of elegance to this charming park. Benches in both sunny and shaded spots provide perfect vantage points to enjoy the scenery and the adjacent beautiful houses.

Discover Belleville's parks, where each one offers a unique experience for residents and visitors alike. Whether you seek vibrant playgrounds, serene waterfront trails, or picturesque picnic spots, these parks have it all. Plan your next outing to one of these stunning destinations and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that Belleville has to offer.


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