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Ride for a Reason: Double-Up Day! - Uride's Good Deeds Program - October

This October, as the autumn leaves fall and Thanksgiving approaches, we're showing our appreciation for Uride drivers, the heart of our service, who go above and beyond with their dedication to safety, punctuality, and warm interactions. With Double-Up Day, we aim to highlight their efforts and let our community join us in offering a gesture of gratitude.

Introducing: Double-Up Day!

On October 6th, the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, we're amplifying gratitude. For every tip riders give our drivers, Uride will match it, up to a maximum of $11. So if you tip $5? It becomes $10. And if you offer $11 it becomes $22, and if you tip more? We'll add an additional $11 to it. It's our heartfelt way of recognizing the hard work of our drivers and helping our riders express their appreciation even more. Remember, Uride drivers always receive 100% of the tips you give.

Every Tip Tells a Story

Each time you tip, it's a reflection of a journey well-traveled, a conversation cherished, or simply a gesture of thanks for getting you to your destination safely. And this month, with Double-Up Day, your gestures will resonate even louder for local drivers.

More Than Just a Ride

At Uride, we believe in the power of community. Every ride, every interaction, adds to the experiences we share. Our drivers are an integral part of our journey, ensuring that every trip is more than just a commute—it's a connection. Show your appreciation on October 6th by tipping your driver after your ride completes.

A Note of Thanks

We want to extend our appreciation to our riders, for your continued trust and generosity, and to our drivers, who go above and beyond every trip. Let's make Double-Up Day! on October 6th a memorable day of gratitude and recognition.


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