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About Us

The Road Less Travelled

Our Story

In 2017, the wheels of a revolution started turning in Thunder Bay, Canada. Driven by a desire to end impaired driving and bring reliable, affordable rides to communities often overlooked by industry giants, Uride was born.

Our founder, Cody Ruberto, a professional soccer player turned entrepreneur, saw the unmet need in his hometown. He knew there had to be a better way to ensure everyone had a safe ride home, no matter where they lived or what time it was.

Uride’s journey began as a single car, but quickly grew into a fleet as communities across Canada welcomed our vision. Each new ride is a promise fulfilled, a safe journey home, and a testament to our commitment to serve, connect, and uplift our riders and drivers alike.

We're not just a rideshare service. We're a community-focused platform, a collective of drivers and riders united under a shared mission to foster safer, more connected communities.

We’re Uride, and our journey is just beginning.

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Driven By Good Deeds

Our Good Deeds Program is a monthly initiative where we extend a helping hand to our communities. Whether it's donating to local charities or lending a hand to the locals, we believe in creating positive ripples that extend beyond the roads we travel.

Steering Us To Success

Meet Our CEO

Cody Ruberto's transition from a professional soccer player to a visionary entrepreneur is as unique as it is inspiring. An injury took him off the soccer field but propelled him onto a new playing ground - the realm of rideshare.

But Cody isn't just about big ideas. He's hands-on in every sense. He regularly steps into the shoes (or rather, the driver's seat) of Uride drivers, and hops into the back seat as a rider. You never know when you might be sharing a ride with Cody - his hands-on approach keeps him deeply connected to Uride's communities and services.

He also never backs down from a challenge. When news broke of Uber's launch in Kelowna, Cody was unfazed. He moved to the city within days, ready to demonstrate Uride's unwavering commitment to its communities.

Cody isn't just our CEO. He's a trailblazer, a hands-on leader, and a proud member of the communities that Uride serves.

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