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Join The Journey

At Uride, we're more than just a ride-sharing platform. We're a diverse community of innovators and problem-solvers, committed to creating positive experiences and bringing happiness to everyone we serve. For those working behind the scenes, we offer the flexibility to work from anywhere, along with the benefits you need to be your best.


Inside Uride

Here at Uride, our vibrant company culture sets us apart. It's not just about the work we do, but also the supportive and fun-loving atmosphere we've created.


All Hands
We kick-start our week with an All-Hands meeting every Monday morning. These gatherings offer a chance for lightning-round updates from each team, as well as the opportunity to give shoutouts to colleagues and drivers. It's our way of celebrating achievements and staying connected.



Mid-week, we take a break from work to connect on a personal level during our Donuts meet-ups. These Wednesday morning meetings pair random team members in groups to chat about anything and everything - except work! It's a chance to forge deeper connections and understand our colleagues better.


Game Days

Every Friday, we get into the spirit of friendly competition with our Game Days. We split our team into Blue and Red for head-to-head virtual games. Feel free to ask us who won the last round of Code Names!

Experience The Perks

At Uride, we understand that the strength of our service comes from the people who power it. We're committed to providing an environment that cultivates personal and professional growth.


Work from Anywhere

With Uride, you have the freedom to contribute from wherever you are, connecting with a diverse, dynamic team of professionals across the globe. This flexibility fosters a healthy work-life balance and opens doors to new experiences.


Paid Time Off

We believe in the importance of rest, relaxation, and spending time with people you love. All of our team members are entitled to paid time off, encouraging everyone to recharge and return to work revitalized.


Learning Budget

Uride is passionate about nurturing personal and professional development. We offer a learning budget for our team members, providing the resources to pursue further education, attend workshops, or explore new areas of interest. 

Our Values

Uride's strength lies not just in our technology, but in the values that guide our team. They form the backbone of our culture, shaping our decisions, driving our actions, and fostering a supportive environment. Our values serve as a compass, steering us toward our mission while promoting integrity, positivity, and innovation in all that we do.


No Sugar-Coating

At Uride, we champion open, transparent communication. We tackle challenges directly and honestly, always favoring the truth over sugar-coated responses. This straightforward approach ensures mutual understanding and facilitates smooth operations.


Move With Urgency

Understanding the importance of time, we act with urgency. Our swift decision-making and actions contribute to the efficiency and growth of our operations, ensuring our service consistently meets the needs of our riders and drivers.


Make People Smile

We strive to create joyful experiences for everyone we touch—drivers, riders, the communities we serve, and our own team. Our commitment to service goes beyond ridesharing; it's about spreading positivity and happiness in every interaction.


Be Scrappy

Even when resources are limited, our determination never wanes. We are scrappy, always finding inventive ways to succeed and deliver exceptional service with whatever we have at hand.


There's Always A Way

We embrace a spirit of resourcefulness and innovation. No matter the challenge, we believe in finding a solution. This can-do mindset fuels our continuous improvement and propels our service to new heights.


Take The Wheel

At Uride, every team member is an important driver of success. We empower our people to take ownership of their roles, fostering a culture where everyone feels engaged, motivated, and responsible for steering Uride to greater successes.

Stay Up To Date

Whether you're drawn to the open road or the inner workings of a dynamic tech company, Uride offers a variety of roles that suit different talents and ambitions. From "behind the wheel" to "behind the scenes", each position plays a vital part in our mission. We welcome you to explore the opportunities available and join our team in transforming transportation across the globe.

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