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Discover the Top Auto Shops in Nanaimo

If you own a car in Nanaimo, sooner or later, you'll need a reliable auto shop for repairs or maintenance. Finding one you can trust is essential. To help you in your search, we've compiled a list of the best auto shops in Nanaimo based on real customer experiences and reviews. From Wellington Garage to Bavarian Imports Auto Repair, these shops have consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality service. Let's dive in!

Wellington Garage

Wellington Garage is a reputable auto repair shop in Nanaimo known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate the personalized service and transparent communication. Whether you're a first-time car owner or a seasoned driver, Wellington Garage is dedicated to keeping your vehicle in excellent condition.

Dragon's Auto

Dragon's Auto has been a trusted choice for Nanaimo residents for over five years. With a focus on competence and transparency, this auto shop provides a wide range of services, from minor fixes to transmission replacements. Owner Cam and his team are dedicated to delivering quality work and exceptional customer service.

Kal Tire

Kal Tire on Old Victoria Rd has won the hearts of Nanaimo residents with its excellent tire services and more. Customers appreciate the prompt and friendly service, as well as the willingness to go the extra mile. Whether you need a tire repair or are looking for a reliable tire shop, Kal Tire has you covered.

Precise Mechanical Repairs

Precise Mechanical Repairs has gained a reputation for its thoroughness and honesty. Customers have praised the shop's approach of charging based on the time taken to assess a problem, providing photo evidence of issues, and clear communication. Trust Jeff and his team for quality work at a reasonable cost.

Trojan Collision Services Ltd

Trojan Collision Services Ltd is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and friendly front-end staff. Whether you need collision repairs or other automotive services, the team at Trojan goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Their expertise and dedication shine through in every repair job.

Atomic Auto Refinishing (formerly Erndor Auto Body)

Ian and his team at Atomic Auto Refinishing have been providing fantastic painting and bodywork services. Customers have appreciated their ability to save costs by providing expert solutions like wet sanding. If you're looking for quality workmanship, honesty, and reliability, this auto body shop is highly recommended.

Boyd Autobody & Glass

Boyd Autobody & Glass has impressed customers with its top-notch work and excellent customer service. Whether you're dealing with an ICBC claim or need body repairs, Boyd's team ensures that your vehicle looks as good as new. With a lifetime warranty and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Boyd Autobody & Glass is a trusted choice.

Nanaimo Autobody & Glass Ltd

Nanaimo Autobody & Glass Ltd is known for its speedy and high-quality auto repair services. Customers appreciate their flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile, including providing courtesy vehicles. Whether you've had a collision or need other repairs, this shop ensures a stress-free experience and a perfectly restored vehicle.

Christensen Collision

Christensen Collision, led by Giovanni, has gained recognition for its exceptional customer service and quality work. Customers have praised the team's professionalism, flexibility, and the way they go above and beyond to make the repair process easy. Whether it's an ICBC claim or other auto work, Christensen Collision delivers top-notch results.

Bavarian Imports Auto Repair Ltd

Bavarian Imports Auto Repair Ltd is known for its knowledgeable and trustworthy team. Customers appreciate their fair pricing and the quality of work provided. Whether you drive a luxury vehicle or a regular car, Clint and his team offer excellent service and expert solutions.

These top auto shops in Nanaimo have earned their stellar reputations through years of dedication to their customers and their craft. Whether you need routine maintenance, major repairs, or collision services, you can trust these experts to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. When it comes to auto repairs in Nanaimo, these shops are your go-to choices.


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