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Discover the Top Auto Shops in Prince George

Prince George, a city renowned for its natural beauty and welcoming community, is also home to some of the finest auto shops in British Columbia. Maintaining your vehicle is essential for its longevity and your safety on the road. We've compiled a list of the top auto shops in Prince George that have earned their reputation for excellence. Let's explore these trusted options:

Big O Tires

Big O Tires is the place to go when you need tire repairs in Prince George. They focus on fixing tires rather than pushing new purchases, providing quick and efficient service. Their customer-centric approach sets them apart.

Mr. Lube

Mr. Lube is not your average oil change shop. They are known for their transparent and efficient service. Customers appreciate the thorough explanations of services and pricing, ensuring peace of mind. Quick and precise, Mr. Lube is a go-to for quality car maintenance and exceptional customer service.


For university students and residents alike, Esslinger is a reliable choice. Dan and his team provide welcoming service and take the time to explain repairs in detail. They are committed to finding the best-priced parts for your vehicle, offering fair prices and clear communication.

Schultz Auto Body

Schultz Auto Body stands out for its second-to-none quality of work. Their customer-oriented approach and dedication to customer satisfaction are unparalleled. Whether it's body work or warranty service, they go the extra mile to make their customers happy.

Northland Dodge

Northland Dodge is not just a place to purchase vehicles; it's a hub for exceptional service. Geno and his team take great care of customers, ensuring their needs are met. With reasonable trade-in values and fair pricing, Northland Dodge is your destination for vehicle purchases and service.

CSN Top Gun

CSN Top Gun offers a seamless experience, getting your car fixed quickly and professionally. Their manager, Roy, is committed to customer satisfaction and ensures the job gets done. Whether it's an ICBC claim or regular maintenance, CSN Top Gun is highly recommended.

PG Klassic Autobody

PG Klassic Autobody has a longstanding reputation for excellence. Their thorough estimates and impeccable repair work ensure your vehicle is in good hands. From ICBC claims to rust repairs, they provide top-tier service and customer support.

Pro-Tech Collision Centre

Pro-Tech Collision Centre offers an outstanding experience from start to finish. Dawn and the team accommodate tight schedules and deliver beautiful car repairs. Their commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction makes them a top choice.

Cutbanks Auto Body & Glass Ltd

Cutbanks Auto Body & Glass Ltd provides exceptional auto body and glass services. Their attention to detail and customer-focused approach ensure your vehicle gets the care it deserves. For reliable and honest service, Cutbanks Auto Body is a must-visit.

Fair Deal Auto Detailing & Cosmetics

Fair Deal Auto Detailing & Cosmetics is known for their spotless work. Whether it's exterior detailing or interior cleaning, they deliver results that exceed expectations. They go the extra mile to make your vehicle shine.

Benchmark Automotive Services Inc

Benchmark Automotive Services Inc is the go-to shop for reliable repairs. Their commitment to doing it right the first time and excellent customer service sets them apart. From tough jobs to timely repairs, they've got you covered.

In Prince George, you don't have to worry about finding a trustworthy auto shop. These top-rated shops offer quality repairs, outstanding service, and transparent communication. Whether you need a routine check-up or major repairs, these auto shops in Prince George have earned their place as the best in the business.


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