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Discover the Top Coffee Shops in Timmins

Welcome to Timmins, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee intertwines with the warmth of community. Join us as we unveil the most delightful coffee shops that capture the essence of this city. From rich brews to mouthwatering treats, let's dive into the heart of Timmins' coffee culture.

Radical Gardens

Step into Radical Gardens and experience a unique and diverse coffee and dining experience, with a focus on healthy, locally sourced, and sustainable food. With vegan and gluten-free options, fantastic desserts, amazing coffee and friendly service, it's a place that stands out and is worth the visit.

Broadway Restaurant

Experience the magic of Broadway Restaurant, a local gem known for its homemade coffee and meals. Whether you prefer English or French, the friendly service and great food will leave you satisfied. Dive into perfectly poached eggs, delectable coffee, and a menu that feels like home.

Aline's Tea Shop

Enter Aline's Tea Shop for a taste of tranquility and flavors that soothe the soul. With a range of sandwiches, homemade soups, and a variety of teas and coffee, this shop is a lunchtime haven. Immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere, and savor tea-infused delights that make every visit special.

McIntyre Coffee Shop

Discover the charm of McIntyre Coffee Shop, where comfort and flavor come together. Enjoy a diverse menu and impeccable service that warms the heart. From crispy chicken poutine to perfectly cooked breakfasts with the best coffee, experience Timmins' culinary excellence.

Tim Hortons

Indulge in the classics at Tim Hortons, a beloved coffee destination. From coffee and donuts to heartwarming sandwiches, the menu offers something for everyone. Experience the wonderful atmosphere and the comfort of familiar flavors.


Experience the warmth of Starbucks, where a personal touch awaits with every cup. Discover the joy of friendly staff and a cozy ambiance that feels like home. Dive into the world of coffee and chill, where your preferences are catered to.

Country Style

Step into Country Style, a place where comfort, coffee, and community converge. Indulge in fluffy donuts, aromatic coffee, and a welcoming environment that feels like family. Explore the variety and charm of a cafe that's more than just a coffee stop.

Caffeination Your Keurig K-Cup Store

Dive into the coffee wonderland of Caffeination, where an array of flavors and options abound. Explore the assortment of coffee, tea, and hot chocolates that cater to every taste. Experience the joy of variety and make this store your go-to coffee haven.

London Cafe

Experience excellence at London Cafe, where impeccable service meets exquisite flavors. Delight in hot and fresh meals that elevate your dining experience. Whether you're ordering or dining in, this cafe promises nothing short of perfection.

Atomic Cafe

Indulge in the fusion of flavors and friendliness at Atomic Cafe. From Korean specials to generous portions, this cafe offers a unique dining experience. Discover the vibrancy of Timmins' culinary scene with a touch of Korean delight.

Timmins' coffee culture is a tapestry of tastes and experiences that beckon you to explore. Each cafe we've visited offers a unique story that adds to the city's vibrant coffee scene. Join us in celebrating Timmins' finest coffee shops, where every cup is a journey and every sip is a memory.


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