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Uride Hall of Fame: Celebrating Our All-Star Drivers

Meet Our All-Star Drivers!

Hey there! We've got some exciting news to share – the winners of this year's Uride Hall of Fame! It’s time to give a standing ovation to our incredible Uride drivers who've earned their place in the spotlight.

What It Takes To Be A Hall Of Famer

But, before we reveal the winners, let’s explore the requirements these phenomenal drivers had to meet to make it into our Hall of Fame:

Here's what it takes:

  • Experience: These drivers have been with us for the long haul, racking up a whopping 10,000+ rides! 

  • Reliability: When we say these drivers are dependable, we mean it. They're the ones who show up on time, every time.

  • Great Passenger Reviews: Our Hall of Famers aren't just good drivers; they're masters of customer satisfaction. Passengers love them , and they've got the 5-star reviews to prove it!

  • Positive Attitude: These drivers bring sunshine on even the cloudiest days. No grumbling or frowning; they're the kind of people you'd want as neighbours. 

  • Going Above and Beyond: They're not just here to give rides; they're here to make their communities a better place. They represent the Uride vision and then some!

Meet Our Uride Hall Of Famers!


William Jobin

Bill from Chatham-Kent

  • "He did an awesome job to make sure we got to where we needed to. He tried to make sure we were on time despite us leaving late. Much love for Bill."

  • "Very nice, I was a first time rider with my partner and brother-in law. He explained the service, was very kind and helpful. Definitely a nice man."

  • "Bill was extremely friendly and he made conversation nicely without being pushy to talk or making me feel pressured to converse the whole time. A+."

  • "It was my first ride and Bill is good driver and kind person and he told me about different rights when I take ride."

  • "Bill was so kind. This was our first day using the service. He explained a lot to me so I knew how to book my next trips!!! Thank you again Bill!!"

Dana McCarthy

Dana from Chatham-Kent

  • "Arrived under a min, fast driver, kind & understanding, helped me load & unload things, was careful not to scratch anything, best driver/service ever!"

  • "Dana is an amazing driver who provides excellent customer service. He goes above and beyond & is very patient as both my husband & I have brain injury."

  • "You're a very friendly man and a good mate. Love your help with improving my ASL. Always appreciate him lending a hand unloading our groceries etc."

  • "Wonderful driver. He taught me a little bit of American sign language which I was thankful for as I only knew a couple of basic signs. Wonderful!"

  • "I always love getting rides from this driver. He is very nice drives great and always gets us where we need to go."

Tony Mancuso

Tony from Sault Ste. Marie

  • "Probably my favourite all time driver in SSM to get paired with. Always a lovely person to be around."

  • "Too good person, so humble, hardworking, polite , in one word “THE BEST”"

  • "Tony provided amazing customer experience would definitely recommend Tony as a quality driver."

  • "Experience was perfect the best driver at Uride super kind and all around perfect driver"

  • "Fantastic driver every time and super safe and cool to talk too definitely a great trip!"

Frank Loffredo

Frank from Thunder Bay

  • "We had an amazing experience with Frank! Can't thank him enough!! We had to cancel 6 rides as no one had the booster seat! Frank saved us today!"

  • "Frank was as good of a driver as he was a conversationalist, excellent! I enjoyed the ride and some insight into Thunder Bay. Thanks Frank!"

  • "Frank was an absolute wonderful driver I will most definitely ride with Uride again because of him if I could I would request him every time."

  • "Frank was amazing. We were dealing with trying to get someone home who wasn’t doing well and Frank went above and beyond helping us and waiting for us."

  • "Very nice and well-behaved gentleman not to forget to mention clean car as well."

Parth from Sault Ste. Marie

  • "Driver was awesome. Was kind, talkative, polite & he appreciated a tip. Very good customer service. Was only his first day but should be a top driver."

  • "10/10 Amazing driver! Clean car, very friendly, and easy to talk to. He was really considerate and I hope I get him as a driver again in the future!"

  • "Parth is a top tier driver! He is always up for a chat and genuinely makes the ride home a fun ride. Id recommend him to anyone riding with Uride."

  • "Very friendly and safe driver. A true embodiment of a friendly community representative. Keep up the good work."

  • "Parth is an absolute treasure to ride with. I always have a great conversation and enjoy the ride home. Truly one of the best around!"


Roger Joseph

Roger from Chatham-Kent

  • "I'm always am happy when Roger is my driver. He is an awesome guy and has no problem having or holding a conversation. That is the face of U-ride!!!"

  • "I forgot phone in his vehicle, he returned it to me. Thank you so much Roger!! I definitely can't express how much I'm thankful. Awesome service!"

  • "Roger is the best driver in town. The conversation is fantastic. He is kind, pleasant and always positive and smiling. Thank you"

  • "Very welcoming and made myself, my husband and 3 year old very comfortable. Safe driver and nice person"

  • "Roger was a great driver. Extremely courteous and friendly. Made me feel relaxed. Will go to them again in the future."

Bob Morrow

Bob from North Bay

  • "He's the best driver we've ever had the joy of riding with. Everything about his driving & conversation technique are really above and beyond 10/10!"

  • "I absolutely love bobby. He is one of my favorite drivers. They couldn't have gotten a better driver than him.He is genuine and truly cares about us."

  • "Thank you Bob, you are amazing and extremely reliable. Always a pleasure to cruise with you."

  • "Awesome driver, took the time to confirm my pickup location and car was clean as can be."

  • "Very accommodating, excellent customer service, acted like he was an owner himself. Hall of Fame status is deserved."

Doug Kotyk

Doug from Thunder Bay

  • "Friendly, good conversation, nice guy! I’d recommend."

  • "Thank you amazing ride you were very kind and respectful."

  • "Freaking amazing! Car fit the XL! Love that! Good driver!"

  • "Thanks Doug! Appreciate the tour around Thunder Bay!"

  • "Goes above and beyond"

Christopher Chokururama

Christopher from Thunder Bay

  • "Picked me up on time and waited even when someone thought that was their ride. Im glad he clarified first. Will use driver again definitely!"

  • "Like the way this drive treats customers and how he views customer service to all."

  • "Friendly and talkative! Not a lot of drivers will make conversation so it was a nice ride."

  • "Very clean, kind, and felt very safe. Ride was very good."

  • "Great driver. Courteous and a joy to travel with!"

Lawrence Asselin

Lawrence from Thunder Bay

  • "He is awesome to chat with and he has a good vibe to his vehicle. Well in his vehicle as well. Thank you for the chat and your feedback. Stay awesome!"

  • "Larry was a huge help when my bus route fell through. He took me right to the doors at Intercity, and we had a pleasant conversation on the way there!"

  • "Great driver. Smooth drive and pretty much what you hope for in a driver."

  • "Best driver, very friendly, communication is top notch."

  • "Larry is a tremendous asset to Uride. Friendly and professional."

The MVP Treatment

What’s the reward for being a Uride driving legend? Not just a simple ‘thank you’, but real benefits and acknowledgements that showcase our appreciation for their dedication. 

  • A Gold Uride Sticker for their car, so you can spot them from a mile away!

  • A distinct ‘Hall of Fame’ profile picture and name change in the app to show off that they’ve reached “rideshare royalty” status.

  • Exclusive recognition among our top drivers and the Uride team, because they've earned their place at the top.

  • Gift card for a night out

  • A Special Hall of Fame gift as a token of our gratitude and admiration.

Riding With The Best

The next time you book a ride or are out on the road, keep your eyes peeled for those Gold Uride Stickers and our Hall of Fame Drivers. 

To all our Uride Hall of Fame drivers, a massive thank you for your dedication and a huge round of applause for making it to the top! We couldn't be prouder.


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