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Uride's Festive Driver Christmas Decorating Contest Winners!

Twinkling Lights and Joyful Sights!

Our Uride drivers turned their vehicles into magical wonderlands for our Driver Christmas Decorating Contest. The creativity and festive spirit on display are truly heartwarming. From twinkling lights to Santa sightings, our drivers have outdone themselves. Let's reveal the winners!

🥇 First Place:

Trevor - Penticton

Trevor, dressed as Santa himself, brings the North Pole to the city. With Rudolph antlers and nose adorning the car's exterior, and Christmas light stickers adding to the charm, his car is a jolly journey. Inside, Christmas friends greet passengers from the windows, spreading holiday cheer.

🥈 Second Place:

Michael - Chatham

Michael, dressed as Santa, transforms his ride into a Christmas party. As you step inside, you are greeted by a wonderland of lights, candy canes, and Christmas friends, creating a truly immersive holiday experience.

🥉 Third Place:

Evelyn - Sault Ste. Marie

Evelyn's backseat is a festive surprise with big, beautiful bows and strands of sparkly ribbon weaving through the interior. It's like unwrapping a gift, creating a uniquely festive experience for passengers.

🏅Fourth Place:

Daniel - Kelowna

Daniel's car is a rolling Christmas spectacle! Filled with lights and tinsel, it sparkles inside and out. The exterior, lined with shimmering tinsel, turns heads wherever it goes, making every ride a celebration.

🏅 Fifth Place:

Kurt - Prince Edward County

Kurt's car shines bright with exterior lights that truly light up! The Santa sticker on his back windshield, delivers a merry message of safety. It's a great reminder of the season's joy and responsibility.

🎄 Sixth Place:

Nathalie - Sudbury

Nathalie's car boasts a Uride-themed wreath on the hood, a charming welcome for all. Inside and out, the car is adorned with Santas and lush greenery, creating a cozy, festive atmosphere that's sure to brighten up any winter day.

🎄 Seventh Place:

Pom - Fredericton

Pom has creatively decked out his car with a charming Christmas theme. Each seat dons a festive Santa hat, wrapped in shimmering tinsel, whild stockings were hung with care, creating a jolly atmosphere for passengers.

🎄 Eighth Place:

Loven - ​Grande Prairie

Loven has added a cozy and unique touch to his vehicle for the festive season. His front seats are adorned with Christmas sweaters, bringing a sense of holiday comfort and cheer to his passengers.

A Community of Creativity and Fun

To all our drivers who decked their rides with holiday spirit, thank you! Your creativity and enthusiasm have transformed everyday journeys into delightful festive experiences. Congratulations to all our winners, and happy holidays to our entire Uride community!


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