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Feelin’ Green: The Winners of Uride’s St Patrick’s Day Car Decorating Contest!

Green Machines

This St. Patrick's Day, our awesome drivers transformed their rides for Uride’s St. Patrick’s Day Car Decorating Contest! Thank you to all the drivers that decked out their cars with shamrocks, leprechauns, and all the green you could imagine. Now, it’s time to give a big shout-out to the lucky champs that came out of top of the competition and won big!

🥇 First Place:

Blair - Fredericton

Let's give a big, Uride round of applause to Blair from Fredericton, the master-mind behind the wheel who snagged first place in Uride’s St. Patrick's Day car decorating contest! Blair's ride is a real pot of gold, complete with twinkling green lights, dancing leprechauns, sparkling tinsel, and more clovers than you can count!

🥈 Second Place:

Saul - Peterborough

Well, top o' the morning to ya, Saul from Peterborough! You've earned yourself the second spot in our St. Paddy's Day car contest with a ballon packed ride and tinsel to top it off!

🥉 Third Place:

Mike - Saint John

We're rolling out the green carpet for Mike from Saint John, our third-place winner in the St. Patrick's Day car decorating shenanigans! Mike's ride is a sight to see, with glowing St. Paddy's Day scarves draping the seats, a mischievous leprechaun peeking out from the trunk, and clovers and coins covering the ceiling!

🏅And Let's Hear It for Our Honorary Mentions!

  • Nelly from Kelowna

  • Clarence from Saint John

  • Francis from Medicine Hat

  • Connie from Moncton

  • Abdelhakam from Moncton

  • Joshua from Vernon

  • Michael from Nanaimo

  • Floyd from Peterborough

  • Dennal from Peterborough

  • Troy from Sudbury

A Community of Creativity and Fun

To all our drivers who went all out decorating their cars with that St. Paddy's magic, and a round of applause for our riders who hopped in for the lucky rides around town! Your energy and creativity are what make Uride more than just a ride. Winners, take a bow – you've earned it!


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