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Discover the Top Coffee Shops in Moncton

When it comes to coffee, Moncton has a vibrant scene that caters to every java enthusiast. Whether you're a fan of artisanal brews, cozy corners, or friendly service, you'll find it all in this charming city. Join us on a caffeinated journey through Moncton's top coffee shops, where excellent coffee is just the beginning.

Café Cognito

Café Cognito is a hidden gem known for its excellent coffee and warm atmosphere. Their gluten-free bread is a hit, and the staff's professionalism shines through. Try the egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich for a delightful breakfast treat.

Down East Coffee

Down East Coffee takes its coffee seriously, roasting everything in-house to ensure freshness. The friendly service and top-notch food make it a must-visit. Don't miss their Iced Cappuccino or Americano for a coffee experience like no other.

Jitter Bean Cafe

Jitter Bean Cafe is a quaint family-run business that pays attention to every detail. From the breakfast panini to the cappuccino, everything is perfection. The hardworking staff ensures a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Second Cup Café

Second Cup Café goes beyond serving coffee; it brightens your day with exceptional service. The manager, Vanessa, fosters a positive environment that's evident in the staff's friendliness. Their coffee is minutes from the Trans Canada, making it a convenient and comfortable stop.

Cafe Codiac

Café Codiac is a treat for your taste buds and your senses. The food is simple but delicious, and the drinks are perfection. With a spacious and sheltered outdoor patio, it's an ideal place for a date or a meet-up with friends.

Café-bistro C'est la Vie

Café-bistro C'est la Vie offers the perfect blend of comfort and class. Whether you're sipping a chai latte or enjoying a veggie pate sandwich, you'll feel right at home. The art on display adds to the wonderful ambiance.

Café-deli Clémentine

Café-deli Clémentine is a cozy haven for coffee lovers and vegans alike. Their roasts are diverse and delectable, and the staff's friendliness warms your heart. Plus, the café's decor and local art create a unique atmosphere.

Café Archibald

Fodor's was right; Café Archibald is worth a visit. The food is great, the service is wonderful, and the wait is a breeze with plenty of choices. This cozy spot is perfect for brunch, offering excellent crepes and more.

La Factrie

La Factrie is a haven for coffee connoisseurs. Their espresso is exceptionally smooth, and the owner's dedication to finding the perfect roast shines through. It's a must-visit for real coffee lovers.

Café l'Amiral

Café l'Amiral is famous for its delicious crepes, particularly the breakfast crepe with bacon and peppercorn sauce. Whether you're craving hot or iced drinks, their selection is bound to satisfy. The friendly staff adds to the wonderful experience.

From exceptional espresso to cozy corners, Moncton's coffee shops offer a rich variety of experiences. Whether you're seeking a quiet spot to work, a family-friendly atmosphere, or simply a great cup of coffee, these cafes have you covered. Explore them all and find your new favorite coffee haven in Moncton.


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