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Discover the Top Coffee Shops in North Bay

Welcome to North Bay, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. Join us as we take you on a journey through the city's most cherished coffee shops. From cozy corners to unique flavors, this guide showcases the essence of North Bay's coffee culture.

Country Style

Discover the heartwarming experience of Country Style, where great coffee and friendly staff greet you. Explore the perfect pairing of coffee and sandwiches that make this spot a North Bay favorite.

The Urban Cafe

Step into The Urban Cafe and immerse yourself in culinary brilliance. Unearth the captivating flavors, from Chicken Mulligatawny soup to mouthwatering paninis, that define this urban gem.

Oak East Eatery

Embrace the vibrant Indigenous flavors at Oak East Eatery. Experience the authenticity of dishes, the warmth of the atmosphere, and the commitment to community that sets this eatery apart.

Opera Bakery Cafe

Discover Opera Bakery Cafe, where flavors harmonize in every bite. Indulge in gourmet soups, salads, desserts, and coffee that exemplify culinary artistry in North Bay.


Dive into the craft of coffee at Twiggs Coffee Roasters. From exceptional smoothies to a welcoming atmosphere, uncover why this spot stands as a beacon for coffee enthusiasts.

Home Style Cafe

Experience the warmth of Home Style Cafe's comfort food. Explore the diverse menu, frozen soups, and the heartwarming environment that makes this cafe a home away from home.

Good Glaze Doughnuts

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Good Glaze Doughnuts. Delight in the delectable flavors, personalized service, and mouthwatering doughnuts that bring joy to North Bay's dessert scene.

Between The Bun

Discover the flavors of love at Between The Bun. Unravel the charm of handcrafted sandwiches, homemade salads, and exceptional service that define this beloved sandwich shop.


Experience the fusion of flavors at Blendz, where Japanese-inspired beverages and unique goods await. Explore the diverse menu and creative offerings that make Blendz a delightful discovery.

Tim Hortons

Embrace the Canadian charm at Tim Hortons. Discover the freshness, service, and the allure of North Bay's Tim Hortons locations that have captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike.


Savor the world of Starbucks right in North Bay. Explore the friendly staff, perfectly crafted drinks, and the global atmosphere that bring the Starbucks experience to this vibrant city.

North Bay's coffee shops are more than places to grab a cup of joe – they are vibrant hubs of flavor, community, and creativity. Whether you're seeking urban vibes, indigenous tastes, or handcrafted delights, our guide invites you to immerse yourself in North Bay's diverse coffee scene. Come join us in raising a cup to the city's rich coffee culture.


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