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Discover the Top Coffee Shops in Peterborough

Welcome to Peterborough, where coffee culture thrives in every corner. Join us as we dive into the city's most beloved coffee shops. From waterfront views to handcrafted brews, this guide invites you to savor the essence of Peterborough's coffee scene.

Silver Bean Cafe

Indulge in the beauty of Silver Bean Cafe, a true gem along the water's edge. Discover the artistry behind freshly made dishes and delectable ice cream while enjoying breathtaking views.

Kit Coffee

Immerse yourself in the coziness of Kit Coffee. From London Fogs to delectable lavender lattes, experience the warmth and charm of this local downtown cafe.

Cork and Bean

Step into the industrial-chic world of Cork and Bean. Uncover the exquisite coffee, mouthwatering croissants, and inviting atmosphere that define this coffee haven.

The Speak Easy Cafe

Delight in the delicious offerings of The Speak Easy Cafe. Experience the hearty breakfasts, friendly staff, and the unique atmosphere that make this cafe a Peterborough favorite.

Brew Coffee and Tea Co.

Explore the world of coffee and tea at Brew Coffee and Tea Co. Dive into their extensive selection and accessories that cater to every coffee enthusiast's needs.

The Only Cafe

Experience the charm of The Only Cafe's unique atmosphere. Discover the British Breakfast, Cowboy Breakfast, and the community feel that sets this cafe apart.

East City Coffee Shop

Relive nostalgia at East City Coffee Shop. Dive into their breakfast specials, egg salad sandwiches, and impeccable service that make this spot a nostalgic treasure.

Canoe Co. Cafe

Indulge in gelato paradise at Canoe Co. Cafe. Discover dairy-free and vegan options, wood oven-baked pizzas, and the rooftop patio that elevate your dining experience.

The Edison Cafe

Uncover the comfort of The Edison Cafe. Experience the inviting atmosphere, top-notch coffee, and delightful baked goods that create a sense of community in every visit.

Kyoto Coffee

Embark on a coffee adventure at Kyoto Coffee. Savor the rich Sumatra blend, explore the welcoming atmosphere, and take home the aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

Peterborough's coffee shops are more than destinations for caffeine – they are havens of flavor, community, and comfort. Whether you're searching for waterfront vistas, cozy corners, or urban vibes, our guide welcomes you to explore the diverse coffee culture of Peterborough. Join us in celebrating the city's passion for coffee and camaraderie.


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