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Discover the Top Pizzerias in Fredericton

Are you a pizza enthusiast on the hunt for the perfect slice in Fredericton? Look no further. We've scoured the city to bring you the ultimate list of pizzerias that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From classic favorites to unique creations, these places offer a pizza experience like no other.

Milda's Pizzas + More

Hidden beneath the Charlotte Street Art Centre, Milda's Pizzas offers an extraordinary pizza dining experience. With in-season ingredients and a perfect mozzarella-to-tomato ratio, their margarita pizza is a must-try. Plus, the cafe is licensed, so you can enjoy beer, wine, or even a slice of chocolate cake with your pizza.

New England Pizza Company

New England Pizza Company caters to all pizza lovers, including those with dietary preferences. Their gluten-free cauliflower crust pizza is a hit, and the donairs are a local favorite. Friendly service and a quick turnaround make it a go-to spot for a delicious pizza fix.

Pizza Hut is a classic choice for pizza lovers, and the Fredericton branches don't disappoint. With hot and fresh pizzas, friendly service, and great deals, it's a reliable option for families and pizza enthusiasts alike.

Fadi's Pizza & Donair

Fadi's Pizza & Donair is all about consistency and nostalgia. Their all-meat pizza is a customer favorite, and the unique sauce keeps patrons coming back for more. With friendly service and a sense of nostalgia, this family-owned spot is a local gem.

Pizza Twice

Pizza Twice lives up to its name because you'll want to go back for more. Their pizza has a homemade feel, and the cheese on their pies is top-notch. The staff's friendliness and huge slices make it a favorite among locals.

Tony Pepperoni Gourmet Pizza

Tony Pepperoni Gourmet Pizza brings creativity to your pizza experience. With pizzas like the Bubba donair and Greek pizza loaded with fresh toppings, they're a hit among pizza aficionados. Don't forget to try their unique pepperoni specials and poutines.

Jack's Pizza

Jack's Pizza is your go-to for the best pizza after a night out. Their slices are deliciously satisfying, especially after a few drinks. Whether you're ordering out or grabbing a fresh slice, Jack's hits the spot.

Pizza Delight

Pizza Delight is a Maritime treasure, and it's no different in Fredericton. Their friendly staff and fantastic food make it a must-visit. Plus, their meal deals and offers, like the buy 5, get the 6th free deal, are a bonus.

Luna Pizza 1990 Ltd

Luna Pizza 1990 Ltd brings a taste of Montreal to Fredericton. Their pizza has that perfect fluffy texture, and the Montreal-style pies are a standout. If you're new to the city, this is a must-try pizza spot.

Gisele's Pizzeria Southside

Gisele's Pizzeria Southside is known for its fresh and flavorful pizza. Whether you're ordering veggie pizza, garlic fingers, or nachos, the quality and taste are outstanding. The staff's friendliness and pleasant delivery service make it a top choice.

Now that you know where to find the best pizza in Fredericton, it's time to embark on your pizza adventure. Whether you prefer traditional classics or creative combinations, these pizzerias have something for everyone. Grab a slice, savor the flavors, and enjoy the pizza paradise that Fredericton has to offer.


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