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Behind the Wheel: Celebrating Uride's Drivers of the Month - July

At Uride, our drivers are more than just the people who take you from point A to B; they are the driving force of our company, making every journey more than just a ride. This month, we're shining a headlight on the local faces that have gone above and beyond to ensure your rides are always memorable, safe, and convenient.

Get To Know Them

Driver of the Month - Ramukasi from Belleville

Ramukasi from Belleville

Ramukasi's friendly and accommodating nature made passengers feel extra comfortable, as well as his timeliness and reliable service were particularly valued when passengers had time-sensitive commitments.

  • "Ramukasi were an amazing driver and made me feel very comfortable!" - Uride Rider

  • "Great guy, polite and had no problem making a couple of stops along the way." - Uride Rider

  • "Got me to work on time when I really needed it thanks😁" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Roger from Chatham-Kent

Roger from Chatham-Kent

Passengers were consistently pleased with Roger's conversation skills and friendly demeanor, his ability to engage in conversations with everyone made the rides unforgettable.

  • "I always am happy when Roger is my driver. He is an awesome guy and has no problem having or holding a conversation. That is the face of Uride!!!!!" - Uride Rider

  • "I had Roger for the ride I got today and I have to say that Roger is one of the best! I'm always glad when he picks me up. Can't write anymore on here" - Uride Rider

  • "Very pleasant and easy to talk to. Pleasure riding with you today!" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Wanda from Kamloops

Wanda from Kamloops

Wanda impresses with her timely service, unparalleled friendliness, and an unwavering commitment to go the extra mile for her passengers.

  • "Wanda was great, and made the effort to get me to the bus terminal on time when I left things to the last minute." - Uride Rider

  • "Super kind and friendly 😊 and so very helpful!" - Uride Rider

  • "She was so helpful and she even wait for me for at least few mins till i finished my work so that she can drive me back to work. I really appreciate it." - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Nelly from Kelowna

Nelly from Kelowna

Nelly's vibrant, warmth and friendly personality made her rides a joyous experience, passengers say that riding with her feels like they were traveling with a friend rather than a driver.

  • Nelly is fun to talk to! You’ll have a great ride👌. Wonderful driver. Couldn't have been better. Like having a friend give you a ride.

  • She’s awesome 😌. Love her attitude ♥️

  • Fantastic driver, very friendly and made my grandma less anxious about using ride sharing services!

Driver of the Month - Mike from Nanaimo

Mike from Nanaimo

Mike's punctuality, courteousness, professionalism and exceptional service made passengers impressed and satisfied with their ride experience.

  • "After some untimely vehicle troubles I hailed Uride for the first time. It was so easy and Michael was awesome. Great price and great service! Love it. Awesome driver!" - Uride Rider

  • "Thanks for dropping me off on time for my ferry Michael!!" - Uride Rider

  • "Michael, always professional, always courteous, a definite ambassador for the Uride brand. 😀👍" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Bob from North Bay

Bob from North Bay

Bob's positivity and excellent service impressed passengers with his accommodating nature and punctuality, made him stand out as an exceptional driver.

  • "Awesome guy! Always positive vibes and got to my interview on time!" - Uride Rider

  • "Very accommodating, excellent customer service, acted like he was an owner himself. Hall of Fame status is deserved." - Uride Rider

  • "He's the best driver we've ever had the joy of riding with. Everything about his driving & conversation technique are really above and beyond 10/10!" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Trevor from Penticton

Trevor from Penticton

Passengers praised Trevor's timeliness, kindness, and excellent driving skills, the experience exceeded their expectations and highlighted the top-notch customer service that sets Uride apart from other ride-sharing services.

  • "Trevor was stellar! Very happy to see Uride in the area and the customer service was top notch. Much better than any Uber we've had Internationally." - Uride Rider

  • "Timely, kind, great driver, and my child and I both love his collection of octopuses" - Uride Rider

  • "Awesome driver, I will use Uride again and always for my ride needs. Better then Cabs. EH!" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Rejish from Peterborough

Rejish from Peterborough

Rejish's excellent communication skills and willingness to go the extra mile made the ride experience delightful for everyone, the efficiency of his service was highly valued, as he ensured timely pickups and drop-offs without compromising on safety.

  • "Friendly driver and pleasant to speak with. Got from pick up to drop off in great time." - Uride Rider

  • "Great service. Amazing communication skills very helpful. Opened doors. Outstanding service" - Uride Rider

  • "The ride it's self was smooth. Nice guy! Clean car! Safe driver!" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Ashley from Prince Edward County

Ashley from Prince Edward County

Passengers enjoyed their rides with Ashley, appreciating her friendliness and great conversation, her willingness to help passengers, even during challenging situations, earned her their trust and gratitude.

  • "What a great car ride Ashley was amazing. Ashley was a pleasure to ride with! She made great conversation and some recommendations of where to go in the area. Thanks so much!" - Uride Rider

  • "Thank you so much for saving us while we were dumb and drunk, our hero!!!" - Uride Rider

  • "Really friendly woman. Would trust Ashley day or night to get me or my family where I need to go" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Olabisi from Prince George

Olabisi from Prince George

Olabisi's speed and efficiency, professionalism and engaging conversation impressed passengers and made the ride pleasant and enjoyable.

  • "He’s always amazing. He is so quick at his service. Hes just amazing!" - Uride Rider

  • Thank you, for being a first time drider, great experience. Very friendly and had a positive energy to be around!" - Uride Rider

  • Olabisi was very professional and engaging with my conversation with interest and showed his polite being" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Matthew from Sault Ste. Marie

Matthew from Sault Ste. Marie

Matthew's consideration for passengers' comfort and well-being stood out this month, passengers mentioned his friendly nature and safe driving skills, making their rides with him extremely enjoyable.

  • "You da bomb dot com, Matthew!!! Best drive ever! It was such a pleasure meeting Matthew and stepping into such a meditative and grounding environment on my way to do some reading" - Uride Rider

  • "I was in an incredible amount of pain suffering from kidney stones. Matthew was a very competent driver who made sure my comfort was priority, 10." - Uride Rider

  • "Very Friendly, Clean Vehicle, quick and drove safely!" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Inderjit from Sudbury

Inderjit from Sudbury

Inderjit's fast and efficient service, coupled with his clean car and exceptional hospitality, earned him praise from satisfied passengers who felt he went above and beyond to provide a remarkable ride experience.

  • "Had requested a ride with my 2 small pups today and had wonderful service from Inderjit! Such a great and patient person, keep up the awesome work!" - Uride Rider

  • "Learned a lot about New Zealand and the differences between here and there! Great ride and great conversation! Thanks Inderjit!!" - Uride Rider

  • "Great and fast service. Nice and clean car. Awesome hospitality! Above and beyond!" - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Frank from Thunder Bay

Frank from Thunder Bay

Frank's cool and conversational demeanor, music knowledge and engaging conversations deemed him one of the best drivers on the Uride team, and his reliability and respectfulness earned him high praise.

  • "Frank's the coolest uride driver of the bunch. Give him a raise. Tbay demands it." - Uride Rider

  • "Great music knowledge, looking forward to the recommended shows! Super conversation. Just an all around great ride." - Uride Rider

  • "One of the best drivers in the Uride team 👍🏼 Reliable, respectful and a good driver." - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Peter from Timmins

Peter from Timmins

Peter left his passengers extremely happy with his interest for their preferences in music, his thoughtfulness and his interesting conversations.

  • "Courteous and thoughtful to ask if people want music and takes up conversations. Thank you" - Uride Rider

  • "Great driver" - Uride Rider

  • "Nice friendly ride." - Uride Rider

Driver of the Month - Kashmir from Vernon

Kashmir from Vernon

Kashmir's patience and understanding during rides were highly appreciated by passengers, as they felt safe and comfortable throughout the journey, she is definetely a top driver among Uride's community.

  • "Hats off the Kashmir for her patience and understanding of my situation during the ride. I was able to make my flight at YLW. Rockstar!!!" - Uride Rider

  • "Absolutely best ride we ever had!! Great customer service, never late! Very friendly and safe😊" - Uride Rider

  • "She is very kind and helpful person and a good driver." - Uride Rider

Thank you

Congratulations and thank you to all the Drivers of the Month! Your dedication to making every Uride journey an enjoyable experience is truly commendable. To all our riders, thank you for your trust and continuous support. Stay tuned for next month’s spotlight and happy riding with Uride!


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