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Behind the Wheel: Celebrating Uride's Drivers of the Month – September

At Uride, we take pride in recognizing and celebrating the dedication and professionalism of our drivers. From heartwarming gestures to insightful conversations and unwavering punctuality, these drivers have left an indelible mark on our passengers, setting the bar high for service excellence. Join us in celebrating their exceptional efforts and the positive impact they've had on the Uride community.

Obdulio from Belleville

Obdulio's outstanding punctuality and exceptional service made him shine this month. Consistently going above and beyond, he's become a favorite, ensuring safety and comfort for all riders.

  • "Honestly my favourite Driver!! Obdulio always will be great! Give him a raise. He always makes my trip pleasant, & always on time!"

  • "I love Ab-du-leo. Cant spell it correct but amazing guy. I'm a bartender and he gets my customers home safe and sound."

  • "Obdulio was incredibly helpful and reassuring when I had an issue as a first time user! Thank you for the kind advice and reassurance Obdulio."

Dana from Chatham-Kent

Dana's warmth and care shine through in every ride. With a gentle touch and unwavering patience, he turns challenging journeys into comforting experiences.

  • "Thank you so much for the ride services over the past few days. I was in a car accident and your driving has been very helpful while I wait for rental."

  • "Super friendly and made me feel safe! Dana is an amazing driver who provides excellent customer service. He goes above and beyond & is very patient as both my husband & I have brain injury."

  • "Arrived under a minute, fast driver, kind & understanding, helped me load & unload things and was careful not to scratch anything, Best driver/service ever!"

MD Delowar from Grande Prairie

MD Delowar stands out with his timely service, generous gestures, and jovial nature, making every Uride journey memorable.

  • "Very much efficient in time. I made a round trip a free ride, isn't it just wow... Uride will replace the overrated taxi"

  • "First trip with Uride was a good experience will definitely use service again"

  • "Awesome driver, funny and a great first experience"

Dalvir from Kamloops

Dalvir's cheerful demeanor and meticulous driving make every ride a delight. His personable approach and safety focus have made him a top choice for many.

  • "One of my favorite drivers, always so happy and nice! Dalvir drives with so much care and confidence he makes you never want to get out."

  • "Very great service and very personable, couldn't ask for a better driver. Best first time app user experience that's ever been recorded on the app."

  • "Dalvir was awesome as usual. Always when I ride with him, he is very friendly and a safe, conscientious driver. I am looking forward to next time."

Brian from Kelowna

Brian's punctuality, kindness, and pleasant conversations make him a top choice. A delightful ride for every rider!

  • "Always on time. I appreciate his kindness and help when I am toting my kiddo. Thank you for coming all the way across the bridge Brian."

  • "He was absolutely amazing, super sweet and enjoyed my conversation with him. wish i could tip him way more."

  • "Brian is so nice! Very fun guy to talk to! His car also smells like vanilla so it’s awesome!"

Audri from Nanaimo

Audri is simply amazing, providing fantastic customer service with a smile. Her punctuality, professionalism, and engaging conversations make every ride a pleasure.

  • "Audri is absolutely amazing & such a delightful lady to be around fantastic customer service with a smile.Made my day a little less stressful"

  • "She was on time very polite and professional as well as a great conversationalist thank you for a great ride!"

  • "The funkiest, nicest driver around! 10/10 for the rubber duckies!"

Corey from North Bay

Corey is welcoming, kind, and goes the extra mile. His helpfulness, friendliness, and professionalism make for a fantastic ride experience!

  • "Corey has been really welcoming and such a cool person to talk to. Loved the ride. Thanks a lot Corey."

  • "Thank you for the extra help. First time having a driver be so helpful."

  • "Super friendly and professional. Great guy!"

Adrian from Penticton

Adrian stands out for delivering awesome service with a friendly and courteous demeanor. A truly enjoyable and safe ride!

  • "Adrian is an awesome driver, great vehicle awesome service."

  • "Was a very enjoyable ride, Adrian is very friendly."

  • "Friendly and courteous. Very aware driver."

Julian from Peterborough

Julian's great music and friendly, energetic vibe create a wonderful experience for all our riders. He's a pleasant and nice driver, spreading positivity!

  • "Played great music, very friendly, i loved the energy"

  • "Wonderful driver. Very pleasant and nice."

  • "Hope you get some rain to enjoy today!"

Katie from Prince Edward County

Katie stands out with her exceptional service. She ensures passengers make their connections on time, adds warmth to the ride, and even offers Tootsie Rolls, making her a unique driver.

  • "An absolute Gem and a Half!!! She worked her magic and I caught my Train! Thank you so much Ms Katie! You're the best!!!"

  • "It was an amazing ride. Katie is a great driver and a pleasure of a person. I totally recommend."

  • "Katie was awesome. Super friendly and attentive driver. Has Tootsie Rolls too!"

Harpreet from Prince George

Harpreet's kindness shines through, going the extra mile even when it meant sacrificing his tissue box. A great guy who shares interesting insights, making the ride highly enjoyable. A fantastic experience for all riders.

  • "Very nice, he helped with putting my stroller in the trunk even though it crushed his tissue box."

  • "Great guy! He taught me a lot about South East Asian Hip Hop."

  • "Second time with Harpreet. Very very enjoyable conversations with him. Great guy."

Ashish from Sault Ste. Marie

Ashish is just excellent. He's well-spoken, takes pride in his clean vehicle, and is unfailingly polite. His immediate and on-time pickup, along with thoughtful gestures like offering to turn on the AC, enhance the ride experience.

  • "Very well spoken. Takes pride in the cleanliness of his vehicle. Polite. Would definitely recommend ashish picking you up. Good driver."

  • "Pickup was immediate and on-time! Offered to turn on the AC as well which I was so grateful for considering this crazy hot heat these days :)."

  • "Fantastic driver, made effort to communication and make the ride enjoyable. very polite, and was on time."

Ron from Sudbury

Ron's not only quick and punctual but also a fantastic companion, making the journey enjoyable with interesting stories and a great sense of humor. His commitment to cleanliness, safety and friendliness makes passengers feel at ease.

  • "Very nice driver and car, Ron was a quick driver and had interesting stories to tell. He's the best driver I've had so far!"

  • "Amazing!!! Got me to my bus on time. Great companion for the car ride. Clean car and funny guy. 10/10"

  • "Super friendly driver who is really nice to chat to! Drives safely and gets you to where you’re going effectively."

Evans from Thunder Bay

Evans friendliness, kindness and efficiency, along with a comfortable and cool ride, made him truly exceptional.

  • "Thanks for being so accommodating and waiting for me at the dealership while I figured things out to drop off my vehicle. Very friendly driver!"

  • "Quick pickup, comfortable ride and cool AC was a blessing because it's humid out. Friendly driver!"

  • "The best!! Thank you!"

Tyler from Timmins

Tyler is know for providing amazing service with great conversation and exceptional accommodation. Always a comfortable and enjoyable ride!

  • "Amazing service, great conversation, and very accommodating. 10/10"

  • "Always great to get a ride from tyler!!!"

  • "Ride was very comfortable. The driver was good."

Boyd from Vernon

Boyd's exceptional friendliness, engaging conversation skills, and a genuine interest in providing excellent customer service created a standout ride experience that left passengers wanting to ride with him again.

  • "My favourite Uride driver. So friendly,& good conversation. I think all other drivers should learn from him how to give good customer service!"

  • "Very friendly and amazing service. Hope to get him for my driver again!"

  • "Best driver I’ve ever had! He Is friendly and a great conversationalist."

Thank you

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our remarkable drivers of the month. Your commitment to safety, courtesy, and going above and beyond has not gone unnoticed. Your stories, smiles, and the personal touch you bring to every ride make Uride a truly special experience for our passengers. We look forward to another fantastic month of safe and enjoyable journeys!


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