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Ride for a Reason: Turning Rides into Trees

This April, Uride is celebrating Earth Day in a way you wood-n't believe with our "Ride for a Reason" initiative. On April 22nd, we're turning every trip into trees. In partnership with the innovative Canadian company Flash Forest, we pledge to plant a tree for every Uride taken on Earth Day.

Why Trees?

Our homeland is breathtaking, but it's facing a fiery challenge, wildfires are consuming an average of 2.5 million hectares a year across Canada. These aren't just numbers; they're vast stretches of our natural heritage being lost to flames.

How Does Flash Forest Work?

That's where Flash Forest comes in. A homegrown Canadian company that blends drone tech, AI, GIS, and plant science into a reforestation powerhouse. They're out there replanting areas hit by wildfires, areas that would otherwise struggle to recover. Imagine drones zipping across the sky, planting trees with precision and speed that humans just can't match. Their goal? Plant a billion trees by 2028 to help our forests bounce back while supporting biodiversity.

From Rides to Reforestation

For every ride you take with Uride on April 22nd, you're not just getting from point A to B; you're planting a tree. You're not just navigating through the streets; you're sowing seeds of hope for our future and our forests. This isn't just about transportation; it's about transformation—transforming our landscape, one ride, one tree at a time.

We invite you to make every ride count on April 22nd. Whether you're heading to work, meeting friends, or just exploring your city, your choice to ride with Uride is a step towards healing our home.

Thank you to everyone for riding with us and stay tuned for future Good Deeds initiatives.


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