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Uride Surprises Local Riders & Drivers With Cash for Kindness Day!

Yesterday, we hit the streets with a mission: to sprinkle a bit of unexpected joy for Random Acts of Kindness Day. So, what did we do to celebrate? Our Uride team randomly selected drivers across our 20 cities, called them up, and surprised them and their passengers with cash!

Kindness: The Fuel That Drives Uride

Can you imagine setting a goal to hit a billion good deeds in your lifetime? That’s exactly what our CEO Cody Ruberto did . Driven by the idea that every kind act has a ripple effect of impact.

That’s why, every month, Uride’s Good Deeds Program focuses on giving back to the communities in all of our cities. From donating to local animal shelters to sponsoring youth soccer clubs, we know that every good deed – no matter the size – can make an impact in our very own neighbourhoods.

Gearing Up To Pay It Forward

At Uride, we believe that you can make someone's day with a simple act of kindness. Like, paying it forward with a cup of coffee from Timmies or hiding a note in a library book that could give someone the chuckle they desperately needed. And, imagine if that coffee you paid forward sparked a whole day of pay-it-forward-kindness? And that note you left made someone laugh so hard they decided to share their own joke with a stranger? That's the kind of world we're aiming for—one where kindness is contagious.

Inspired by Random Acts of Kindness Day, and our ongoing commitment to doing ‘good deeds’, we've put together a list of random acts that anyone can do to spread a smile to neighbour or a stranger.

Share A Breakfast

A simple meal can make a world of difference to someone in need. Consider donating a meal to a local shelter or offering to buy breakfast for someone behind you in the drive-thru

Give Someone a Compliment

It costs nothing to spread a little smile. Whether it's a compliment on someone's outfit or their impressive parallel parking skills, your positive energy can brighten someone's day in an instant.

Leave a Generous Tip

Next time you're out and about, why not make a service worker’s day by leaving a tip that'll have them doing a double-take? Think of it as a high-five for their awesome service. It's a super way to say, "Hey, I see you, and you're doing great!"

Shovel Snow or Do Some Yard Work

When winter weather strikes, lending a helping hand can go a long way. Offer to shovel snow for a neighbour or clear some extra space on the sidewalks for people who walk by. And, when the weather warms up, why not help with someone’s lawn? Whether it's mowing the grass for an elderly neighbour or helping a friend weed their garden, your efforts won't go unnoticed.

Plant a Tree or Start a Community Garden

Roll up your sleeves and get a little dirt under your nails for a good cause. Planting a tree or kicking off a community garden isn't just good for the planet—it's a way to plant roots of joy and growth in your neighbourhood.

Volunteer Your Time

Give back to your community by donating your time to a cause that could use your help. Whether it's helping out at an animal shelter, lending your skills at a community center, or just being there for someone in need, your time is one of the coolest gifts you can give.

Donate Books to a Local Library or School

Got a shelf full of books that could use a new audience? Pack 'em up and pass 'em on to your local library or a nearby school. It's like sharing a piece of treasure, spreading the magic of stories and knowledge to people who'll love them as much as you did.

Keeping It Simple

It's our mission to make random acts of kindness happen more than just one day out of the year. To all our Uriders and drivers out there making our neighborhoods brighter, we want to tell you how much we recognize and appreciate what you do.

Remember, being kind isn’t just for special occasions – it’s for every day, every ride, every hello and goodbye.

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day, from us to you!


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