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Uride's Good Deeds Program - May - Kindness Envelopes

In the month of May, Uride continued our commitment to positively impact the communities we serve through our innovative Good Deeds Program. This time, we chose a unique way to support our riders and bring a little joy to their journeys.

In a simple yet thoughtful gesture, we placed envelopes with cash in the back of our drivers' cars. These envelopes hand a hand-written message reading: “If you need it, take it. If you don’t, leave it.” The aim of this initiative was to offer a small act of kindness and financial assistance to riders who might be going through tough times. More than just cash, these envelopes carried a message of solidarity and understanding, letting our riders know that we are in this together and that every little bit of help counts.

This initiative was not just about providing temporary financial relief. It was also about fostering a spirit of giving and shared responsibility within our community. Riders who didn't need the cash left it for someone who might need it more, creating a ripple effect of kindness.

It's initiatives like these that embody the spirit of Uride's Good Deeds Program. We strive to go beyond being a ride-sharing service and to actively contribute to the well-being of the communities we are a part of. Whether it's through donations to food banks or distributing cash envelopes in our cars, every deed is driven by our commitment to enriching our communities.

We extend our gratitude to all our drivers who participated in this initiative, making it possible for us to reach out to riders in such a personal and impactful manner.

As we continue our journey, we're excited about the new ways we can contribute and make a positive difference.


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