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Driving Change One Can at a Time-Uride's Good Deeds Program - September

Uride’s Good Deeds Program is not just a pillar of our community service; it is the heart and soul of Uride’s commitment to nurturing the communities that we serve. This September, we turned our attention to local food banks, helping stock the shelves in the communities we serve.

Honouring Hunger Action Month

September holds a special significance as Hunger Action Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about hunger issues and encouraging communities to come together to take action.

Uride is proud to participate in this movement through our Good Deeds Program, contributing our efforts to ensure that no one in our community goes hungry. It’s not just about providing rides; it’s about leveraging our platform to foster a sense of unity, compassion, and care, going beyond the roads to reach the communities we serve.

Ride for a Reason Initiative: Supporting Local Food Banks

September 20 marked a day of community-driven effort as part of our Ride for a Reason initiative, where we encouraged riders to bring a canned item with them and leave it in the Uride vehicle. This seemingly small gesture was aimed at restocking the shelves of local food banks and ensuring that every family has access to basic nourishments.

Making an Impact: Uride's Contribution to Local Food Banks

We are both proud and thankful to announce that the initiative was met with an overwhelming response. The generous contributions from our riders are set to bolster the efforts of local food banks in ensuring that no family goes to bed hungry. These food banks have been a lifeline for many, providing not just food, but hope and a sense of community.

Meet the Local Organizations Benefiting from the Initiative

Uride was also able to provide even more groceries through Instacart orders sent directly to the food banks in needs throughout the communities.


British Columbia


Thank You

As we conclude this month’s Ride for a Reason initiative, we find ourselves filled with gratitude. To every rider who joined us in this endeavor, your choice to ride with Uride and your decision to contribute has created a ripple of positive change in your community. To every driver, your continued commitment to a better community and your willingness to go above and beyond help make our Good Deeds Program a success. Your support is not just a donation; it is a beacon of hope, a gesture of community, and a step towards a future where no one goes hungry. Thank you.


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