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Discover the Top Bars in Grande Prairie

When it comes to nightlife, Grande Prairie doesn't disappoint. From cozy pubs with traditional vibes to modern bars offering exquisite culinary delights, this city has it all. Whether you're looking for a place to enjoy live music, savor mouthwatering dishes, or simply unwind with friends, our guide to the top bars in Grande Prairie has you covered.


Maddhatters is a haven for wing enthusiasts, offering free-range chicken wings that are sourced from local farmers. The crispy exterior and juicy interior of these wings make them an instant hit. Don't miss out on the secret menu wing flavors for a unique taste adventure. With a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, Maddhatters is a must-visit for those who appreciate quality and flavor.

 The Lion's Den Pub & Carvery

The Lion's Den Pub offers the perfect blend of live music, traditional pub vibes, and a sociable atmosphere. With a history dating back to 2005, this pub has become a favorite spot for many. Enjoy exceptional food, domestic and craft beers, and an atmosphere that makes you feel like family.

Better Than Fred's

Better Than Fred's lives up to its name by offering phenomenal food that keeps patrons coming back for more. The half chicken and other menu items are prepared with meticulous attention to flavor. The staff's friendly demeanor adds to the inviting atmosphere, making this bar a standout in Grande Prairie.

Crown & Anchor Pub

Crown & Anchor Pub blends traditional Irish charm with a welcoming atmosphere. The cozy interior, live music, and slot machines create a lively ambiance. This pub's owner is known for supporting local endeavors, making it a true community hub.

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar brings classic steakhouse elegance to Grande Prairie. While the name suggests a steak focus, even chicken dishes stand out as exceptional. The attentive service and unexpected treats, like complimentary desserts, elevate the dining experience.

Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill

Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill is all about entertainment and outstanding service. The newly transformed atmosphere, coupled with servers like Cassidy, creates a vibrant and inviting setting. Whether you're a regular or a newcomer, this bar promises a fun-filled evening.

The Canadian Brewhouse & Grill

The Canadian Brewhouse & Grill is the perfect place to enjoy craft beers and delectable dishes. The attentive and accommodating staff, including server Nicole, ensure your experience is top-notch. This bar offers a variety of choices, making it a versatile spot for any outing.

Great Northern Casino

Great Northern Casino is the place where fun, flavor, and entertainment converge. From the buffet to the music, this casino has it all. Engage in various activities while savoring delicious food and taking your chances at the slot machines.

SIPPS Bar & Grill

Sipps Bar and Grill stands out with its Filipino touch and exquisite flavors. The head chef, Duke, takes pride in his craft and serves up exceptional dishes. The friendly staff and fresh food make this bar a true gem in Grande Prairie.

Skylark Lounge

Skylark Lounge offers good food and a relaxed ambiance. While the main focus is on The Office restaurant, the lounge still boasts good food and vibes. It's an ideal spot for unwinding with friends and indulging in delightful eats.

As you explore the vibrant nightlife of Grande Prairie, these top bars promise unforgettable experiences. From exceptional food to friendly service, each establishment offers its unique charm. Whether you're seeking live music, craft brews, or simply a cozy hangout, the bars on this list have something special in store for you. Cheers to a memorable night out!


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