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Discover the Top Bars in Prince George

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the top bars in Prince George! Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to this vibrant city, we've handpicked the most popular and must-visit bars that offer a memorable experience. From casual lounges to craft cocktail bars, Prince George has a diverse bar scene that caters to all tastes. Get ready to unwind, socialize, and savor some fantastic drinks and delectable food pairings. Let's dive into the city's best bars that will elevate your night out!

Nancy O's Restaurant & Lounge

Nancy O's Restaurant & Lounge is a vibrant spot with an upbeat atmosphere that sets the tone for a fantastic night out. From the delicious beef burger with mushrooms and brie to the impeccable French dip, Nancy O's offers a culinary adventure that will leave your taste buds dancing.

The Westwood Pub

The Westwood Pub invites you to bask in the sun while savoring delightful dishes. Indulge in the rooftop patio's warm ambiance as you enjoy flavorful honey garlic wings, mouthwatering beef dip, and delectable burgers. Exceptional service and great atmosphere create a perfect setting for memorable moments.

The Twisted Cork

At The Twisted Cork, culinary excellence takes center stage. Begin your experience with the organic greens salad, featuring quality ingredients that delight the senses. Explore the tapas board's culinary wonders, complete with house-picked vegetables, meats, and olives that elevate your evening.

Betulla Burning

Betulla Burning offers an unexpected culinary gem in Prince George. The divine burger with salad and fries is a highlight, while the tranquil atmosphere on the upstairs patio provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful and enjoyable dining experience.

Trench Brewing & Distilling

Trench Brewing & Distilling is a haven for those seeking creative drinks and delectable dishes. Dive into the flavorful world of their drink menu and satisfy your taste buds with their delicious food offerings. The lively atmosphere and friendly service make it a must-visit spot.

 The Black Clover Pub

The Black Clover Pub invites you to experience unforgettable nights on their rooftop patio. With stunning views and excellent service, this spot offers an array of culinary delights, including the must-try ceviche. Exceptional cocktails and attentive staff complete the experience.

Oakroom Grill

Oakroom Grill offers an exceptional dining experience that makes you feel right at home. From warm welcomes to a spectacular menu, including delectable desserts, this spot promises culinary magic and impeccable service that leaves a lasting impression.

North 54

North 54 redefines upscale dining in Prince George. With top-tier dishes like lobster ravioli and delectable desserts, this restaurant provides a sophisticated ambiance and an exceptional culinary journey that delights the senses.


Moxies in Prince George offers an unforgettable dining experience where every bite is a delight. With a diverse menu, warm atmosphere, and attentive service, this spot invites you to relax, unwind, and enjoy a culinary journey like no other.

 The Canadian Brewhouse

The Canadian Brewhouse promises a lively atmosphere where you can indulge in tantalizing food and unforgettable nights. With a variety of options, from fresh salads to hearty steaks, and a fun sports-centric vibe, this spot invites you to raise your glass and celebrate memorable moments.

As you venture through Prince George's finest bars, each establishment offers a unique experience that caters to different tastes and preferences. From laid-back pubs to upscale lounges, there's a perfect spot for everyone to enjoy an evening filled with great company, delicious food, and fantastic drinks. Cheers to Prince George's thriving nightlife scene!


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