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Behind the Wheel: Celebrating Uride's Drivers of the Month - August

At Uride, our mission to transform everyday rides which is achieved primarily through our outstanding drivers. Their dedication and passion for service shine bright, and this month, we are highlighting some of the gems who make the journey extraordinary.

Driver of the Month -August-Belleville

Adeleke from Belleville

Adeleke goes the extra mile for passenger well-being. His calm presence and attentive care make rides enjoyable.

  • "I put in the wrong address accidentally and Adeleke tried everything he could to find me without being able to call me due to app issues. Amazing!!!"

  • "Absolutely amazing service every single trip regardless of how busy he is or how demanding his day is, he’s always in a phenomenal mood!!"

  • "Adeleke was even kind enough to wait without asking until I was safely in my car. I look forward to the next ride."

Driver of the Month -August-Chatham

Rajinder from Chatham-Kent

With Rajinder, punctuality meets warmth. His friendly chats elevate the mood of every trip.

  • "Fantastic and prompt service, thank you! It was our first time using Uride and we would definitely do it again."

  • "Rajinder is always super nice when I get him as my driver and can keep a good conversation!"

  • "He is a very friendly person and always puts his fares in a good mood with his personality."

Driver of the Month -August-Grande Prairie

Sultan from Grande Prairie

Every ride with Sultan feels like a VIP experience. His welcoming nature and attentive service make him a favorite.

  • "He is very kind and nice person."

  • "Sultan was great! Very engaging and informative."

  • "Great experience, full of respect and friendly service. Thank you."

Driver of the Month -August-Kamloops

Dale from Kamloops

Navigating with ease, Dale ensures timely and courteous rides. His professionalism and friendly nature leave a lasting impression.

  • "Dale was one of my favorite drivers. Knew exactly where he was going! And will recommend this app for anyone instead of the cab service."

  • "Dale was so kind and helpful. My first Uride and it was a great experience. Thank you Dale."

  • "Dale was prompt, polite, and willing to chat. His vehicle was clean and comfortable to drive in."

Driver of the Month -August-Kelowna

Ricky from Kelowna

Ricky ensures comfort and safety. Praised for his storytelling and going the extra mile, like returning lost items.

  • "Absolutely fantastic ride home! Ricky made my girlfriend and our roommate feel safe as we were driving in our own vehicle. Thank you Ricky!"

  • "Best driver ever! Super friendly and went out of his way to return my phone which I accidentally left in his car. 100/10! Thanks Ricky!"

  • "Ricky is amazing! He will tell you good stories!!!! Always excited to see Ricky when we book!"

Driver of the Month -August-Nanaimo

Justin from Nanaimo

Justin prioritizes timely service. With delightful conversations and a focus on passenger safety, he's a standout.

  • "Amazing service by Justin. We were getting late for our ferry, and Justin went above & beyond to help us out. Big thanks to him!!"

  • "Wonderful driver and a great conversation! Appreciate the safe transportation home Justin!"

  • "So amazing & kind. We were a bit tipsy and Justin ensured our safe journey home. Way better than a taxi."

Driver of the Month -August-North Bay

Zachary from North Bay

Zachary transforms rides into uplifting experiences. His aid, combined with a jovial spirit, creates memorable journeys.

  • "Thanks for the ride, Zachary. You're a great soul and a good man. Keep on truckin'. Love will come your way."

  • "He was super awesome and helped me move my stuff. 15/10."

  • "One of my favourite drivers in town. Always has me laughing and feeling super safe!"

Driver of the Month -August-Penticton

Colin from Penticton

For many, a ride with Colin feels like a journey with a friend. His assistance and unmatched service resonate with riders.

  • "THE BEST DRIVER!!! So helpful with helping me load and unload groceries!! Talkative and kind as well as respectful!!! 1000/10 recommend to anyone."

  • "Colin is the best driver I have ever had in my life. I never want to be in a car with anyone else."

  • "Colin is just an outstanding human! He is friendly, helpful and an excellent driver. I wish I could give more stars."

Driver of the Month -August-Peterborough

Michael from Peterborough

Friendly Michael provides insightful chats and local tips, making each ride more than just transportation.

  • "Fantastic Driver with amazing conversation. Enjoy Algonquin!!"

  • "Very friendly and gave great recommendations of things to do around town!"

  • "So kind and amazing to talk to during a ride, thank you Michael!!"

Driver of the Month -August-Prince Edward

Renaldo from Prince Edward County

Renaldo's dedication, especially to senior passengers, shines. His genuine care and warmth are cherished by riders.

  • "He was so friendly and so helpful. I live in a three storey walk-up apartment and am a senior. He helped me with my groceries which was appreciated."

  • "Very friendly :) thanks again."

  • "Best driver yet."

Driver of the Month -August-Prince George

Kamaljit from Prince George

Prompt and personable, Kamaljit ensures every ride feels special. His helpful gestures and friendly personality are consistently praised.

  • "Always amazing and super friendly! My absolute favorite Uride driver. Even helped me carry my items to the door!"

  • "Super prompt! Very comfortable ride! Awesome service! Thank you!"

  • "Very polite and showed up fast, which I loved. He was very Friendly."

Driver of the Month -August-Sault Ste Marie

Percio from Sault Ste. Marie

Percio offers safety with superb customer service. His professional and friendly approach warms the hearts of riders.

  • "Very pleasant riding with Percio, and a great safe ride."

  • "Amazing customer service. And super friendly."

  • "Very nice guy, very professional."

Driver of the Month -August-Sudbury

Nathalie from Sudbury

Nathalie’s attention to riders' needs stands out. Reliable and always willing to assist, she’s often highlighted with praise.

  • "She willingly went above and beyond when we realized that we forgot our keys in our own car."

  • "Nathalie was an amazing ride and we appreciated her so much! We hope to get her for every Uride we get."

  • "Prompt, courteous, quiet, clean ride! Great rate - awesome!!"

Driver of the Month -August-Thunder Bay

Qaiser from Thunder Bay

Qaiser is swift and sociable. His expertise and friendly aura keep riders relaxed.

  • "Very pleasant and professional! Thanks."

  • "Fast and efficient driver, 100% recommend."

  • "Very friendly."

Driver of the Month -August-Timmins

Gurbinder from Timmins

Gurbinder is the epitome of warmth and efficiency. With his generous spirit, riders always feel at home.

  • "Friendly, efficient, reliable. Went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable. He helped and gave me $5. Would definitely recommend."

  • "He was nice, the car smelled nice, and I appreciate that he drove all the way across town through construction for my ride. Thanks!!"

  • "Such a friendly and pleasant driver."

Driver of the Month -August-Vernon

Stanislav from Vernon

Stanislav combines gentle humor with top-tier service. His kindness, especially in tough situations, wins the heart of riders.

  • "Very respectful and courteous too & Friendly and funny guy to drive with."

  • "Was very kind and helped me in/out of car as ankle is broken. Thank you."

  • "Great guy - has always been awesome - is very accommodating and polite."

Thank you

Heartfelt congratulations to all our Drivers of the Month! Your commitment to ensuring the best Uride experience is genuinely admirable. A big shout-out to all our riders as well – your continuous trust and feedback make us better every day. Keep an eye out for our next monthly spotlight, and as always, safe travels!


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