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Behind the Wheel: Celebrating Uride's Drivers of the Month - October

At Uride, we take immense pride in acknowledging the dedication and professionalism of our drivers who consistently go the extra mile to ensure passenger satisfaction. These drivers brought warmth to each journey, creating memorable experiences with their friendly demeanor, punctuality, and attention to detail. Join us in celebrating their outstanding efforts, and let's dive into what makes them the stars of October.


Mark from Belleville

Mark shines with his friendly and humorous approach, creating a standout ride experience. Passengers appreciate his warm attitude and memorable service.

  • "I’ve had Mark for a driver a few times and he’s always a very pleasant and friendly man. Looking forward to having him again in the future."

  • "Every friendly & hope he gets 5 stars wish these ratings could be seen by others."

  • "Amazing driver very nice great sense of humour."


Bill from Chatham-Kent

Bill goes above and beyond, even providing a helping hand when you forget something important. His kindness, generosity, and customer-first attitude set him apart as an exceptional driver. With Bill, every trip is a good one!

  • "I forgot a hair tie for work and litterly he gave me a couple elastics and saved my ass today, thanks so much!!"

  • "He’s very kind, very generous and puts his customers first! Wish more drivers were like Bill!"

  • "Always a good trip with Bill."


Rebecca from Grande Prairie

Rebeca's standout qualities as a driver include her commitment to passenger safety and her engaging and friendly demeanor. Her comfortable car adds to the overall positive experience, making her a top choice for rides.

  • "Rebeca made sure that I was safe! It was so fun talking to her during the ride. She made me feel so safe and comfortable.

  • "Amazing lady! Friendly outgoing, talkative. Will be asking for her personally if possible, no more cabs for us!"

  • "Best driver I've ever had with this app. And her floormats were awesome as an added bonus."


Chandandeep from Kamloops

Chandandeep is a punctual, friendly, and safe driver who maintains a clean and comfortable vehicle. He ensures passengers make their flights on time and provides exceptional service, making every ride great.

  • "Chandandeep was exactly on time. He was friendly and responsive. A good safe driver. Also very clean vehicle and comfortable short ride. Kudos!"

  • "I made it to my flight! Thank you sooo much for such encouragement and the best service you provided!"

  • "It was a great ride. Clean car, pleasant driver makes for a great trip. "


John from Kelowna

John is a standout driver, known for his friendly demeanor and enjoyable conversations. He's consistently on time, patient, and helpful, making every ride with him absolutely amazing.

  • "Such a nice man. Loved chatting with him. Absolutely amazing ride."

  • "John is absolutely one of my favorites. On-time, patient and helpful."

  • "Super lovely bloke! Very kind and helpful with luggage. Thanks John!!"


Tyler from Nanaimo

Tyler's ride is a total win! His car's got all the cool stuff, like a charging station, and he's very flexible with passengers. Plus, you can always have a good chat with him, as he makes days better and happier with his words.

  • "Clean car with lots of utilities including a charging station for electronics! Was kind enough to let us use his trunk and was great at small talk!"

  • "Thanks so much for an excellent drive home after a day comprised of tediousness, Tyler. Truly the whipped cream - the real stuff - on the ‘Capp!"

  • "This guy made my day. such positive energy, polite, and considerate. "


Danny from North Bay

Dan impresses with his safe driving, excellent music, and engaging conversations. His professionalism and friendliness make him one of the standout drivers, even going the extra mile to assist passengers.

"Great driver. Drove safely. Great tunes, great conversation, comfortable temperature. Car was spotless. I’m impressed."

"Dan is an awesome driver and very professional one of the good ones."

"Very friendly and even helped me carry my groceries."


Glenn from Penticton

Glenn is hands down the best driver for many. His friendliness and willingness to always help everyone makes all customers enjoy and feel important, as it should be.

  • "GLENN IS AN AMAZING DRIVER! Pleasure to get him as my driver every time. He’s so good I will never take another taxi!"

  • "Super friendly guy who gave us a ride to the airport. Helped load and unload luggage, and has comfy vehicle. Glenn is great."

  • "Great driver. Always enjoy talking with Glen. Clean car he goes above and beyond."


Cassandra from Peterborough

Cassandra provides the best trips, ensuring safety, comfort, and a fun ride. Her pleasant conversation and the perfect atmosphere make every journey great. A consistently excellent driver!

  • "Amazing trip. Best one I’ve been. I felt safe and comfortable. Amazing person to have a fun ride with her a great conversation."

  • "Perfect atmosphere very pleasant to talk too"

  • "Great ride!!!!! As always."


Meet from Prince Edward County

Meet consistently provides safe and comfortable rides with a friendly and efficient service, making every journey a pleasure!

  • "Had a good experience with Meet. The ride was smooth, and he was very polite!"

  • "Decent driver, got me to my destination without any issues. A satisfactory ride overall."

  • "Meet was friendly and on time!"


Raman from Prince George

Glenn stands out as an exceptional driver due to his consistent top-tier service. Glenn goes the extra mile, ensuring a comfortable and clean ride, which sets him apart as a standout driver.

  • "Clean and up to safety standard car and Raman is polite and friendly. Ride was quick getting to me as well as getting me to my destination."

  • "Great company, great driving. Thank you!"

  • "Such a kind and wonderful person"


Evelyn from Sault Ste. Marie

Evelyn always ensures a safe trip, despite any challenges, and makes it the best ride ever. Her super pleasant demeanor created a great journey for passengers.

  • "Thank you for driving them home safe I’m sorry if they gave you a hard time."

  • "Best trip ever, thank you Evelyn!"

  • "Super pleasant! Great ride"


Denis from Sudbury

Dennis consistently provides friendly and great service, making every ride with him a good and enjoyable experience.

  • "Great. Good friendly service. Thanks Dennis!"

  • "Good ride with a good guy."

  • "Always nice!"


Nicole from Thunder Bay

Nicole's sweet and soft-spoken demeanor, coupled with a heart of gold, shines through. She consistently goes above and beyond, providing excellent service and making her a standout driver with an exceptional personality.

  • "An angel. Sweet, soft spoken, and a heart of gold. Her personality shines."

  • "He goes above and beyond! Great service"

  • "Excellent service."


Ram from Timmins

An on-time, safe, and comfortable ride with obeyed speed limits for a smooth journey, setting him apart as a great driver. Efficient and easy pickups make for quick, quiet, and comfortable rides, offering a top-notch experience.

  • "Nice comfortable car. Had me to work on time. Obeyed speed limit, unlike Taxi's half broken and driving like a race driver. Thanks."

  • "Great driver. Smooth ride. Friendly service. Will ride again. "

  • "Easy pickup. Efficient route. Quick, quiet and comfortable ride. "


Joshua from Vernon

Joshua's personable and friendly nature makes every ride a delight. He even went the extra mile to return lost keys, setting him apart as a top-notch driver.

  • "Joshua was personable and friendly. He took the time to bring me the keys I left on the seat."

  • "Joshua is hands down the best. Love when he picks me up."

  • "Joshua was very kind and very personable . Very nice ride with him."

Thank you

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all these remarkable individuals who continue to elevate the Uride experience. Your dedication to safety, your friendly smiles, and the thoughtful gestures you extend to passengers make our community stronger and more vibrant. Here's to many more safe and enjoyable rides ahead!


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